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Gamestar Mechanic

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1 game design principle I noticed in the games i’ve played was #2 ” Simple obvious controls and rules that are easy to master”.

Another game design principle I noticed was #5 “Offer clear and obvious short term and long term goals”.

One more game design principle I noticed was #14 “Include the option to turn audio off, so games can be played anywhere”.

Teams most likely to win the championships

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here are the top 3 teams to meet up with eachother in the finals.

Well in the Western conference  its gonna be the Oklahoma City Thunder:

Well if you watch basketball you probably know how much of a nice team Oklahoma City Thunder are. These guys have the best record in the western conference. They got two all-stars (Russel Westbrook and Kevin Durant) while they got a great sixth man (James Harden,probably gonna be sixth man of the year just saying) this team has the will and skill to win it all.

In the Eastern conference its still kinda hard to see if who’s gonna make it to the finals because of these two teams.

Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls

These two teams are really good. The Heat experienced a real life nightmare when Lebron and D-Wade were injured but good thing they had Chris Bosh to win the game The Heat have alot of talent and experience about going through the finals from last year against the Dallas Mavericks. Some nights it doesnt seem as if the Heat are a championship team but every great team cant be amazing every night and you cant say im only talking about the Miami Heat because the Oklahoma City Thunder arent amazing every night and ALSO the Chicago Bulls.Now lets talk about the Bulls, last year the Bulls were all about Derrick Rose but now the other teammates learned how to be key players to succeed.This season the Bulls havent all been about Derrick Rose due to injury so during that time they learned how to win without him.

Best Rookie In The NBA (right now)

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The best rookie in the NBA right now is Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving is a rookie and he’s already carrying a team on his back (the Cavs).Even though there record isnt the best its kinda crazy how they went from being the worst team in the East to being one of the decent teams just because of one player and like i said before hes a ROOKIE.


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1) Describe a time when a police man/woman has helped/protected you or someone you know?

A time a police man helped my friend was when he got lost in times square and he helped him get home.

2)  Describe a time when a police man/woman has acted in a way you disagreed with.  How could they have handled it better?

A time when a police man acted in a way i disagreed with was when my dad was supposedly speeding but he wasnt then my dad argued with the the cop made him get out the car and he gave him a checkup. The could have handled it better by not giving him the checkup.

3) Should citizens be able to take photos and videos of the police?  Why or why not?

They should because if its a good thing the police are doing it should be recorded and if its a bad thing everybody should be able to see.

4) Is there anything a citizen should not be allowed to take a photo or video of (for example, inside the subway, couples making out, outside the White House)?

Citizens should take photos or videos of things but not all things for example, you cant take pictures of people making out without  their permission.

Top 10 best basketball players in the NBA

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The top 10 best basketball players in the NBA(MY OPINION) right now are:
1st:Lebron James (Mia)

Lebron? #1 on this list? yup lebron deserves to be number 1 because he averages 29 points per game dont think hes here just because of the points nope not at all hes also here for being one of the best finishers in the NBA on a open court.hes also here for being one of the best in game dunkers.

2nd:Kevin Durant (OKC)

Well in 2nd place is Kevin Durant if your losing by three and there’s only 1 second left you can count on Kevin Durant to make that game tying/winning shot. Kevin Durant is only 23 years old and you can tell by the time this guy retires hes gonna leave as being one of the best NBA players to ever play the game.

3rd:Derrick Rose  (Chi)

Derrick Rose enough said. This guy was recently MVP but he is also the youngest MVP ever. This guy drives it in on the toughest guys on the court and he has one of the craziest crossovers, last season this guy broke a couple of ankles, people say hes got the best crossover in the league but do you agree?

4th: Dwyane  Wade (Mia)

Dwyane Wade. When I hear that name I think of that guy that dunked on Anderson Varejao. Dwyane Wade won a title in 2006 and was the finals MVP. I feel bad for the players that have to go guard him because he got a mean crossover so you better prepare those ankles and if you let him get in the paint you better pray you not gettin dunked on.

5th: Kevin Love (Min)

You see that picture above this text? thats Kevin love after he made a game winning buzzer against the clippers. It was a three. I know what your thinking, how a power foward shot a three and made it? well thats just how much of a beast kevin love. Kevin is one of the best power fowards in the NBA probably the best. What this guy likes to do is score and rebound there was even a game where he scored thirty points and thirty rebounds but damn 30 rebounds!

6th:Chris Paul

Chris Paul recently traded to the clippers so he can join Blake Griffin to get Los Angeles a nickname which is “Lob city” . Chris Paul is on this list for the assits he gets when throwing an alley oop pass and the accuracy just to find the open man and also for having a nice crossover.

7th:Dwight Howard (Orl)

In 7th place Dwight Howard one of the best centers in the NBA right now probably the best one. If you watch basketball the thing that would come to mind when somebody mentions Dwight Howard are his blocks. If your the smallest one on the court and your driving it in you better get outta there if you see Dwight unless your pretty good driving it in.

8th:Carmelo Anthony (NY)


Carmelo should definitely be on this list despite all the injurys hes been through hes still beast. Hes not making his shots like he used to but hes getting better on his passes and hes averaging more assists than last year. But besides all that hes still the same Carmelo you know, “clutch”.

9th:Monta Ellis (GS)

Monta Ellis the most underrated basketball player in the NBA. You probably thinking why is this guy here well my answer to that is because he deserves to be here. Hes another one of those clutch players and the type to get a and 1 on anybody and i mean anybody. First time i saw Monta Ellis i thought “look at all those tattoos” then i watched warriors games and now he happens to be one of my favorite players.

10th:Russel Westbrook (OKC)

In tenth place is Russel Westbrook. He is a great point guard, great dunker, great passer, and great shooter. Even though he leads the league in turnovers he still deserves to be on this list. One last thing, he a great overall player






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1.Give an example of when YOU (yes, you) plagiarized and explain what you could have done differently.
An example of when I plagiarized something was when I plagiarized a homework assignment in 5th grade.It was to write a summary of what you read but i just wrote the back of the book.What i could have done differently is read the book and write it in my own words.

Extra Credit:Turing Test

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a) Did either of the machines come close to passing the Turing Test (did they seem human?)
The cleverbot seemed human and the splotchy didnt seem human.

b) What were some of the questions you asked Splotchy and Cleverbot? What kind of questions were Splotchy and Cleverbot better at answering?
Some questions i asked splotchy and cleverbot were, what is your name and simple math questions but the questions they didnt answered were, be more specific (because i asked it where it lived and it said london) and its response was i dont want to be more specific.

c) How do you think these computers program work? Why do you think it’s so hard to design a machine that passes the Turing Test?
I think these computer programs work by first they put some words so it could seem sociable then after random start talking to it, it learns from that person and so on. I thinks its hard to design a machine that passes the turing test because its hard just to make a computer seem like its human for example you have to make it say things to make it seem human and you have to make it respond correctly to things people say to it.

Serious Games:ICED

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1. Name 5 human rights and explain what they mean.
1 human right is the right to privacy which means that you have the right to have privacy like for example you have the right to go to the bathroom and have privacy in it (except for public restrooms).
A 2nd human right that to be treated equally as the next guy which means to be treated equally even if your different in color, height, or weight.
A 3rd human right is to have freedom of religion which means you have the right to believe in any religion you desire.
A 4th human right is the right to no slavery which means you have the right to not make anyone make YOU a slave and you dont have the right to make ANYBODY else a slave.
A 5th and final human right is that you are innocent until proven guilty which means if you are accused of something you still have the right to convince the person you did not do it.
Now if you look back at 2,3 and 4 wus humans did not have that right for example way long ago (about 1700s) people werent treated equally, white men travelled to africa to acquire africans so they can use them as slaves.Also way long ago religion WAS the government so they would try to make people become the same religion as them.

2.What human rights were violated in this game?explain.
1 human right that was violated was “no unfair detainment” because if you played ICED and got all the questions right the cops would still chase you and if you managed to escape them all (i did) you would still have to go to the detention center.Another human right that was violated was “dont discriminate” because just because my character was an immigrant he couldnt call the police for anything for example the game asked a question “you see a man beating his wife what do you do call the police or ignore” you would probably think to call the cops but you shouldnt because you would be attract attention to the police.

3. If you could re-design this game, what would you keep? What would you do differently?
Im not gonna lie the game was cool but if i could re-design it i would make the graphics better and when it asked you if you should tag the wall with spray paint if you chose yes i would make the player make their own tag and also i would make it available to ride the train and the car besides that i would keep everything else.

The N Word

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1. Where does the N-Word Come from? Why does it offend some people so much?
The N-Word came from slave masters calling slaves n****r . It offended people so much because it was used only on slaves so if you call sombody that they would think your calling them a slave.

2.Should non-black people be able to use the N-Word?
Non-black people should not use the word unless they are using it in a different way.

3.Should musicians stop using the N-Word?
Musicians should not use the N-word.

4. Do other ethnic groups (for example, Chinese, Jews, and Dominicans) use ethnic slurs like the N-Word to describe themselves? If not, Why?
They do use ethnic slurs.

5. What would happen if black people (and everyone else) started using “king” or “queen” instead of the N Word?
If black people (and everyone else) started using “king” or “queen” instead of the N-word some people wouldnt be offended.